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New Softwares for ETS Stock classes READY

Dear ETS Family,

we just revceived the new ORCA Software for our ETS stock touring car classes. You can download your software here to use it on track as soon as possible. We have tested many different settings and RPM limit values, and in the software you will get the values we liked the most during testing. Before you run with the new software for the first time, we like to give you some information about it.

The new Software comes with less values to adjust, for less confusion and more fun on the track. You can adjust the following values on the Speed Controller: LiPo Cutoff | Punch | Drag Brake | Brake Force | Brake Punch | Dead Band

RPM Limit for 21.5T Stock and 40+ Masters: 18.000 RPM (blinking 4 times for identification)
RPM Limit for ProStock: 20.000 RPM (blinking 3 times for identification)

The “PWM Frequency” is now pre-installed to the values 8000K for driving, and 1000K for braking. We found out that these values are working good in all conditions so there is no need to change them. We also removed the paramers “Running Mode” and “Reverse Force” as nobody used these setting options at all.

Important: You must update your programm card to the NEW 6.2 Software which is also included in the download package.

To download the Zip Folder including the new softwares for ESC and Program Card, simply click HERE:

Gear Ratio has also changed for the new season

In case you have missed the information about the new FDR (Final Drive Ratio) for our ETS touring car stock classes, you can re-watch the videos about this topic here:

English Video

German Video

Updating the ORCA software

In addition, here are the instructions on how to update the software. Note: The video still talks about the previous versions. However, the principle and the procedure remain the same for the new versions.

We wish you a lot of fun and success with the new software and the new motors on track during ETS Season #16 2023/24.

Scotty, Uwe, and the whole ETS crew!