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Awesomatix A800R Option Parts

New for the Awesomatix A800R electric touring car is a series of parts for the shocks, the anti-roll bar, and the front bumper.

New are the AT143 ARB Stiffeners, which increase the stiffness of the stabilizer by up to one step. +1 step stiffness increase means that 1.0 mm rod acts like 1.1 mm rod, 1.1 mm rod acts like 1.2 mm rod, 1.2 mm rod acts like 1.3 mm rod, and 1.3 mm rod acts like 1.4 mm rod. 1/2 and 1/4 increments of increase can be set.

Also new are the ST05-R shock rods which add “friction type” damping in suspension operation. ST05-R slides along ST102 with noticeable friction during suspension travel. Friction damping compresses the suspension more = more damping, even at low suspension speed. Oil damping: more speed of suspension travel = more damping. Low damping at low speed of the suspension. With ST05-R, the car rolls and dives slower and responds faster to steering input. A800R damper settings that were good with ST205 linkage should be 10…25% softer when using ST05-R.