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Schumacher`s Orlowski to start from pole position on Sunday at ETS RD3 in Germany

Matrix Modified

Q3 – Michal Orlowski won the first and second qualifier, and he didn`t slow down in Q3 where he sealed the overall TQ here at ETS RD3 in Andernach, GER. This time, Mugen Seiki`s Ronald Völker came a little closer and finished in second again with half a second behind the Schumacher of Orlowski. Marc Rheinard scored another third place, and it seems like these top 3 positions are pretty much settled. But as Völker and Rheinard will not stop to hunt Orlowski down, we can expect some very thrilling finals after Q4 still has to happen on early Sunday morning.

Q4 – Another TQ run on Sunday morning once again confirmed that Orlowski seems to be untouchable here at Arena33 in Andernach. He outpaced second placed Marc Rheinard by 1.7 seconds which is kind of an infinity in RC racing. Ronald Völker, Yannic Prümper, and Eric Dankel finished in the top 5 again and everything is set for the triple A-Mains. Can Orlowski win it easy, or will Völker or Rheinard have something to throw at him?

Press Conference after Q3

After the third round of qualifying on Saturday evening, the top 3 drivers Michal Orlowski, Ronald Völker, and Marc Rheinard showed up for a press conference. The ETS will do this more often from now on and we already hope that you will like it!

Awesomatix ProStock

Ellerbrock wins Q3 and Q4 and it top qualifier at Arena33

Q3 – Lukas Ellerbrock was the third different driver to TQ one round of Awesomatix Pro Stock qualifying. Lukas was on fire with his Awesomatix A800R and was able to hold off Enrico Jung (Yokomo) by one second over the 4-minute run. Jesper Rasmussen had an amazing run with his Reedy powered Awesomatix to third place, followed by Mattia Collina (Schumacher), and Stefan Schulz (Xray) who had great results coming from the second fastest group.

Q4 – The showdown for the overall pole position was on the line on early Sunday morning in Andernach. With 5 drivers having a chance for the pole position, the heat was ON. Lukas Ellerbrock showed strong nerves and got the perfect job done winning Q4 and taking TQ honours in front of Adam Izsay, Olivier Bultynck, and Jan Ratheisky. The Pro Stock class is as close as we haven`t seen for a long time and we are already looking forward to the upcoming triple A-Mains.

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Heitsch to start from TQ spot into triple A-Mains

Q3 – Henrik Heitsch is the man to beat at ETS RD3 in Andernach so far. His performance is surprising many others in the pits as “Heitschi” has not practiced a lot in the last weeks due to his oversea work commitments. After winning the first two qualifiers, he was able to seal the TQ-Deal in Q3 ahead of a great driving Marwin Riedelbauch. Sebastian Meibörg, Adam Izsay, and Jacques Libar also made it into the top 5 and we can expect some great finals on Sunday.

Q4 – It was already pitch-black dark as FWD Q4 took place under the lights at Arena33. Roman Borschel had a blast on track and took the win ahead of Adam Iszay, Sebastian Meibörg, Marwin Riedelbauch, and Andy Murray. It had been very challenging conditions, but the drivers managed to keep their cars on track and it was the same for everybody. The triple A-Mains will be great to watch as always in the FWD class and Henrik Heitsch will have a lot of work to do with all the fast guys behind him on the grid!

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Zierold takes Q3, Thalheimer to start on Sunday`s pole position

Q3 – Michel Zierold, the race winner from ETS RD2 in Austria, took the third round of 1up Racing 40+ Masters qualifying. Zierold had a clean run and his Awesomatix car was four tenths faster as Toni Mateo (Awesomatix) in second place and Torsten Baggendorf in third (ARC) spot.

Q4 – After making a bad mistake in Q3, Mirco Thalheimer (Xray) was right back to the point in the last one and took the win which earned him the overall TQ at ETS RD3 in Andernach. Toni Mateo (Awesomatix) will line up second on the grid, followed by Michel Zierold (Awesomatix), Werner Schmitzer (Yokomo), and Manuel Stankowitz (Iris).

Orca 21.5 Stock

Bergheim overall TQ at Arena33 while Siebert takes late evening Q4

Q3 – Tristan Bergheim has sealed the overall TQ of the Orca 21.5 Stock class at ETS RD3. A win in Q3 in front of Timo Siebert was enough for him to book the best place on the grid for Sunday`s triple A-Mains. Timo had another solid run to P2 while Karl-Heinz Moritz, Phil Langner, and Emely Ratheisky completed the top5.

Q4 – Timo Siebert took advantage of Tristan Bergheim`s DNF in the last round of Orca 21.5 Stock qualifying. With his TQ run, Siebert will line-up second on the grid in Sunday`s triple A-Mains with Phil Langner in third, and Karl-Heinz Moritz in fourth place. Can Bergheim drive away from Siebert and Langner, or will we see a thrilling fight between these talented and motivated racers? Let`s find out on Sunday.

ToniSport Formula

Ehrbar steals TQ from Stiebler with great Q3 and Q4 performance

Q3 – David Ehrbar (Xray) was the winner of ToniSport Formula Q3 at ETS RD3 in Andernach. After arriving late to the event, Ehrbar was finally up to pace and took an impressive win ahead of Q1 and Q2 winner Andreas Stiebler. This result shifted the decision for the overall TQ into the last round of qualifying. Luka Joviciv, Robert Kampehl, and Herbert Weber completed the top 5 while a very fast Jan Ratheisky had technical issues at the end of the run.

Q4 – It was again David Ehrbar with the win in the last round of ToniSport Formula qualifying. After Andreas Stiebler was the man to beat in Q1 and Q2, Ehrbar was able to turn the game to his favour and will now start on pole position in front of Stiebler. Not a bad recovery from Ehrbar with his Xray car. Jan Ratheisky, Luka Jovicic, and Robert Kampehl will start behind them and will be right there if something will happen in the front.