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Under the Hood -Henrik Heitsch`s ARC A10MF`24

What a great ETS debut for the new ARC A10MF`24 frontwheel drive car. Henrik Heitsch is running the car here at ETS RD3 and was able to grab the TQ spot for the A-Mains. Henrik has never driven the car before and he just got it built during his business trip in Mexico last week. He is using aluminum suspension mounts (R139006) in his car, as well as a Spiderdeck (139007). The rest is “bone stock” without any extras and hop-ups..

Body Shell: Blitz YRS
Speedo:Hobbywing ETS
Motor: Hobbywing 17.5 ETS
Battery: LRP Graphene 4.1 4100mAh
Radio:Sanwa M17
Tires:Ride ETS 26082
Sponsors and support: VW (Volkswagen), LMI Racing