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LRP Graphene4.1 3700mAh Stock Spec Hyper LCG Shorty

LRP has just published a new version of their famous Graphene4.1 LiPo Batteries.
It is a hyper LCG shorty pack with 3700mAh at 7,6V.
The pack was created especially for stock racing and here is the official announcement from LRP:

Stock Racers asked for it – we deliver!

The GRAPHENE-4.1 3700 HV Hyper LCG Stock Spec Shorty Hardcase Battery – 7.6V LiPo – 135C/65C #432287 is out now!

We have been frequently asked for the Lowest Internal Resistance (IR), Lightest and Lowest Center of Gravity (LCG) Shorty Battery possible.

So how did we go about it?

We use the case of the very popular G4.1 4200 Modified battery (#432273) with Hyper LCG design of just 18.5mm height for the lowest possible centre of gravity and put the lowest IR cell construction possible inside and this makes the all new 3700 Stock Spec battery (#432287). The battery comes in at only 155g (+-4%).

A clear testament to LRP’s commitment to excellence!

Latest technology paired with proven High Voltage technology, 5mm gold connectors and our trademark blue seethrough hardcase.

Available right in time for the upcoming carpet season!