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T-Works brass weights for Awesomatix A800R

T-Work´s has released some interesting brass weight sets for the Awesomatix A800R touring car. One set includes three different brass weights for the motormount (10g, 7,5g, 7g), while the other set contains two brass battery mounts with the weight of 22g each. All parts are a direct fit into the A800R and the typical T-Work`s look ensures a perfect look anyway. The weighs allow you to fine tune the balance of your A800R for the track conditions and the racing class of your choice!

T-Works part numbers:

TE-A800R-A T-Works Brass Weight Set for Motormount Awesomatix A800R (7g +7,5g+10g)
TE-A800R-B T-Work`s Brass Battery Mounts 2 x 22g for Awesomatix A800R