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Great display for the sport as Urbain takes A1 from Völker and Rheinard

Matrix Modified

Magical first A-Main at the ETS, Modified racing at its best, Urbain wins from pole!

The first A-Main of the Matrix Modified class was a great display of our sport. The top three drove like on rails and the spectators watched the race with great enthusiasm. Lucas Urbain (Awesomatix) had a good start from his pole position and Ronald Völker (Mugen Seiki) and Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix) followed him in a couple of tenths.

All three drivers drove precise, clean, consistent, and without any mistake. Ronald Völker said after the race that he felt “like in a sandwich” as he could not try to attack to the front because of Marc being right on his rear bumper too. Rheinard said that he felt like “having the quickest car without a real chance to overtake”, and Lucas Urbain reported that he “will need the whole evening to recover from this race”.

Long story short: Lucas Urbain took the win in front of Ronald Völker, Marc Rheinard, Yannic Prümper, and Christopher Krapp.  WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE FIRST A-MAIN and get your own impression of this masterpiece of RC racing!

Awesomatix ProStock

Xray driver Izsay unstoppable on Saturday evening

Olivier Bultynck had a bad start behind top qualifier Adam Izsay. He immediately lost his second position to Lukas Ellerbrock while Izsay had some breathing room to drive a very clean and focused race out front. The Awesomatix duo of Ellerbrock and Bultynck had a nice and clean battle for second and third place while Jan Ratheisky and Enrico Jung were fighting for P4 and P5. In the end, Adam Izsay made no mistakes and took the win in the first final of the Awesomatix Pro Stock class.

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Izsay takes A1 from pole in front of Stankowitz and Langner

After a slightly delayed start (fixing Baggendorfs car), top qualifier Adam Izsay was leading away with Manuel Stankowitz following in the slipstream. Phil Langner was holding his third position and defended it against Henrik Heitsch and Adam Southgate.
While Izsay was still leading, Phil Langner came a little closer to the car of Manuel Stankowitz in front of him. But after 3 minutes, the gaps between the top three looked like frozen and nothing happened anymore until the end of the race.
Adam Izsay took a well-deserved win and brought a perfect Saturday to an end. Manuel Stankowitz and Phil Langner took second and third place away from A-Main number one!

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Baggendorf wins A1 after clinic drive

After the start, Manuel Stankowitz car broke down in the first corner with a faulty spur gear – he had to retire from the race before it really began. TQ Torsten Baggendorf was leading the race and Toni Mateo took over second position. Mateo gave all he had but “Totti” Baggendorf was having a brilliant race and took the well-deserved win in A1. If he can repeat this in one of the remaining two finals on Sunday, he will win his first ever ETS race. The rest of the field will throw everything they have at him and Baggendorf needs to stay calm overnight. Simon Schindler finished third in A1 and behind him we saw a fright train of cars showing great driving as well. Well done you 40+ Masters 😊

Orca 21.5 Stock

Totally ripped off – Langner wins Saturday evening A1

After a clean start, Phil Langner and Tristan Bergheim had been pulling away immediately from the rest of the field. Tristan was following Phil very close and tried to set him under serious pressure. Both drove a brilliant race and made no mistakes. It was a pure joy to watch, and the audience was full of applause as Phil Langner crossed the line after five minutes. Tristan Bergheim lost a little bit of time in the end as a backmarker was not opening up quick enough. Jan Petersen, Nadine Zühlke, and Florian Müller rounded out the top 5 in the first Orca 21.5 Stock A-Main.

ToniSport Formula

Ratheisky and Ehrbar crossing the line side by side…

Jan Ratheisky brought the field around the first laps from pole position with David Ehrbar and Andreas Stiebler right in tow. All three cars stayed together for the first three minutes before Stiebler was trying to put a pass on Ehrbar. Nothing happened, but Ratheisky took the chance to stretch his legs a bit and pulled away from them.
Ehrbar was not giving up and came back to 0.5 of a second in the last minute of the race again. In the last lap he was all over Ratheisky before a backmarker landed in front of them on the track. Both (luckily) could drive around and Ehrbar and Ratheisky crossed the finish line on a photo finish with a gap of only 0.110 of a second. That was one of the best Formula A-Mains since a long time!