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Urbain takes second ETS career win at RD4 in Germany

Matrix Modified

Urbain takes the big trophy while Völker and Rheinard had to settle for second and third after chaotic A2

A2– The second A-Main was like “Merry Christmas” for Lucas Urbain!
After the start, Ronald Völker`s Mugen car got loose in the first corner and collected Marc Rheinard`s Awesomatix car as Marc could not avoid to hit Völker anymore. Tim Wahl and Michele Manzo took over second and third place while Völker and Rheinard dropped back to the end of the field. Lucas Urbain took the win and his second ever ETS victory with a huge gap of 5 seconds after the huge carnage behind him. He was awaiting a hard fight, but in the end, it was a (well-deserved) walk in the park for the Awesomatix factory driver. Congratulations to Lucas Urbain and the Awesomatix team!  

A3– In the third and last A-Main of the Matrix Modified class, the fight for second and third overall was going on between Ronald Völker and Marc Rheinard. Marc would have needed to win ahead of Völker to snatch second place away from the Mugen driver, but Völker delivered and won A3 ahead of Rheinard, Prümper, Krapp, and Wahl. The overall result was: Urbain, Völker, Rheinard, Wahl, and Prümper.

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Awesomatix ProStock

Izsay holds off a hard charging Bultynck to win ETS RD4 in Germany

A2– Olivier Bultynck was on a mission in the second final of the Awesomatix Pro Stock class. He was all over Adam Izsay for the entire five minutes of the race and they were putting on an amazing show of respectful and very close racing. In lap 6, Ollie Bultynck tried to put a move on Izsay but the Hungarian racer was able to stay ahead coming onto the straightway. Ollie Bultynck was never giving up and was hoping for Izsay to make a mistake but that did never happen and Izsay celebrated a more than well-deserved race win by 0.2 of a second from Bultynck.  Lukas Ellerbrock, Jan Ratheisky, and Enrico Jung finished third, fourth, and fifth in A2. Congratulations to Adam Izsay and Xray for another race win in the Pro Stock class!

A3– In the last leg of our Pro Stock A-Mains, the fight was for second and third place overall between Olivier Bultynck and Lukas Ellerbrock. The Awesomatix duo was leading the race and Ellerbrock was pushing really hard behind Bultynck. But the racer from Belgium made no mistake and took the win in A3 from his team mate. The final result saw Izsay, Bultynck, Ellerbrock, Jung, and Ratheisky finishing in the top 5.

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Izsay survives critical moment in A2 and wins FWD class in Hann. Münden

A2- Adam Izsay had another perfect start off the line, leading the field around the first laps. Everybody else was driving clean as well in the first minute and not a lot happened. After 2 minutes, it looked like Stankowitz was able to close the gap to Izsay a little bit, but Adam responded immediately with some hot laps.

Lap 10 was bringing the race back to live as Izsay was hitting a curb after the timing loop allowing Stankowitz to be all over him for some corners. Izsay quickly found back into his rhythm and checked out again. Phil Langner was creating pressure on Stankowitz in the last laps of the race, but Manuel was able to stand his ground taking second place behind a well-deserved race winner Adam Izsay who is now super close to win this season`s overall championship.

A3- After Adam Izsay already sealed the victory in A2 he was only watching the race from the sideline. It was all about Manuel Stankowitz to lead the drivers into the last final from the first spot on the grid. Stankowitz saw young Phil Langner and Adam Southgate following him in striking distance for most of the run, but the gaps remained the same and Stankowitz took the win and also second on the podium, joined by Phil Langner in third place!

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Dreams come true as Baggendorf celebrates first ever ETS win

A2– After the sound of the tone, second place starter Manuel Stankowitz was chasing the ARC car of TQ Torsten Baggendorf around the track with his Iris ride. Toni Mateo was sitting in third place, some meters behind the leaders. After 2 minutes, Torsten Baggendorf saw Manuel Stankowitz disappearing from his rear-view mirror after a driving error from the reigning champion. Toni Mateo and Michel Zierold took over second and third place, but out front the stage was set for Torsten Baggendorf`s first ever ETS win which he celebrated with all his friends while coming down the drivers stand. Congratulations Torsten, you are a member of the ETS race winners club now!

A3- Manuel Stankowitz was in control of the third A-Main and took the win from start to finish ahead of Toni Mateo and Michel Zierold. However, after Stankowitz had two bad results from A1 and A2, his win in A3 would only bring him to fifth place overall in the end. The result from A3 brought Toni Mateo (2) and Michel Zierold (3)  onto the podium beside race winner Torsten Baggendorf here at ETS RD4 in Germany.

Orca 21.5 Stock

Langner becomes one of the youngest ever ETS race winners at the Transworld Hotel in Hann. Münden

A2– The second A-Main started in the same way as A1 did yesterday evening. Phil Langner and Tristan Bergheim were checking out early in the race. Jan Petersen passed Nadine Zühlke and moved up to third place. After three minutes, Phil Langner`s gap was at 2 seconds and it didn`t look like Bergheim had the pace to come closer. Phil Langner drove a perfect race in A2 and took his first ETS race win under the applause of the audience. Well done Phil, it was your weekend and you did an amazing job!
Championship leader Tristan Bergheim took another second place in A2 and his goal in A3 will be to secure this position on the podium beside race winner Phil Langner to cement his lead in the fight for the overall title.

A3- The last A-Main took place without race winner Phil Langner and it was Tristan Bergheim who took the win ahead of Jan Petersen, Nadine Zühlke, and Tobias Baumbach. Championship leader Bergheim joined race winner Phil Langner and third placed Jan Petersen on the podium, while Nadine Zühlke finished fourth overall which was a great result for her.

ToniSport Formula

Back in the victory lane as Ratheisky wins the Formula class!

A2– David Ehrbar made a great pass on Jan Ratheisky in lap 4, but Jan took back the place directly. Stiebler also in the fight for the lead in the early stages of A2. After Jan Ratheisky lost his car at the 2-minute mark of the race, which brought Michal Wojcik to the top of the field. David Ehrbar was chasing him down and made a good pass on Wojcik to take over the lead which he was able to maintain till the end. Robert Kampehl, Michal Wojcik, Andreas Stiebler, and Jan Ratheisky completed the top 5. The decision for the overall race win was shifted to A3.

A3– David Ehrbar had a real shot for the win before he made a mistake in the last minute of the race. He was all over the back of Jan Ratheisky in the first 4 minutes and everybody was waiting for something to happen as Ehrbar had the fastest car on track. But after Ehrbar`s Xray car flew off the track, Ratheisky just needed to survive the last minute ahead of second laced Andreas Stiebler. Jan Ratheisky did a masterful job and brought home the win in A3 which earned him the overall victory in the Formula class.