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Harper wins at EWS RD2

The second round of the EWS took place this weekend and attracted 114 drivers to place their entry for the most famous winter racing series in the UK.

LRP Modified Touring

Elliott TQ’d all four rounds, behind was a nice fight through the qualifiers between Kyle and Alex for 2nd, with Kyle getting the nod. In the final, Kyle stayed in touch with Elliott, but had to worry more about defending from Alex behind. Elliott opened up a small gap as they worked through lapped traffic, and Alex couldn’t get close enough to seriously challenge Kyle. Chris Grainger had a lonely race after qualifying fourth and finishing fourth.

1st Elliott Harper (Schumacher/HW/Intellect)
2nd Kyle Brandon (Xray/HW/Intellect)
3rd Alex Thurston (Yokomo/HW/Arrowmax)

Rush Stock Touring

Zak TQ’d ahead of Tony and Andy Murray. Andy dropped back in the opening laps, and there was a great battle for 2nd between Tony and Billy. Zak checked out. Billy lined up a great pass on the final lap to take 2nd place, leaving a Tony to settle for 3rd

1st Zak Finlay (Xray/Zombie/Zombie)
2nd Billy Fletcher (Schumacher/Team Powers/Optipower)
3rd Tony Broad (Xray/Zombie/Zombie)

Ride / MB Front Wheel

Ben TQ’d from Nathan, and had a clean drive through the final, so the top three finished in grid order.

1st Ben Moorey (Schumacher)
2nd Nathan Parker (missing from photo) (Awesomatix)
3rd Andy Faulkes (Destiny)