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New range of ORCA Motors and ESC`s

ORCA has released many new products in the last weeks. There are two new Pro speed controllers with the name MK2 available for 2S 1:10 scale and 1S 1:12 scale racing. These new speedos are coming along with optimized hard- and software to further push the limits on track. Another new product from ORCA is the Blucon module which connects the ESC via Bluetooth to the Smartphone (Orca Blucon App needed).

The new line of Blitreme 3 (Stock) and Modtreme 2 (Modified) Motors is replacing the older generation of ORCA motors now. Both, the Blitreme Stock and Modtreme Modified Motors are showing up in a different colour with an more open motor case and optimized airflow for better cooling. The design of the endbell is new, as well as the used materials inside the motors. Overall, racers will get the best possible power delivery with a great feeling on track when running these new ORCA motors!