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Lauter and Bultynck using Hobbywing power!

Hobbywing announced the signing of Simon Lauter and Olivier Bultynck to their factory team. Both had a long-term stint with LRP and they will use Hobbywing ESC`s and Motors in their racing programme from now on!

Official Hobbywing Announcement

We’re excited to announce the addition of two of the best 1/10th TC Stock class drivers in the world Simon Lauter – RC and Olivier Bultynck to our HOBBYWING Drivers Team! The two outstanding drivers in the stock class have set their sights on the biggest trophy at the 2024 IFMAR World Championships. HOBBYWING’s latest stock motor, with reliable ESC, will contribute significantly to helping them achieve their great goals. We’ll gear up for even greater achievements together and reaching new heights! A warm welcome from HOBBYWING family! The GP3F will be held this weekend and this is the first competition they will officially participate in on behalf of HOBBYWING. We wish them good luck!