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Under the Hood – Antoine Brunet`s Yokomo BD12

French frontrunner Antoine Brunet is here at ETS RD5 in Daun right after he switched chassis sponsors from Xray to Yokomo. Antoine is running the actual BD12 platform which is equipped with T-Work`s titanium screws, ballstuds, and turnbuckles. Antoine is using a Hobbywing combo together with a Power HD Servo, the FlySky Noble Pro radio, and Nosram Betteries.

Body Shell: Xtreme Twister Speciale 0.4
Speedo:Hobbywing G2S
Motor: Hobbywing 5.0T
Battery: Nosram 4200
Radio:FlySky Noble Pro
Servo:PowerHD S15-Y
Tires:Matrix ETS
Sponsors and support: Yokomo, Hobbywing, Nosram, FlySky, MR33, T-Work`s Razor-RC, ToniSport, ID-RRC, VP Design, P-Stickers