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On the road to the championship… Orlowski wins ETS RD5 in Germany

Matrix Modified

Michal Orlowski took his third win of the current ETS season here in Daun. This amazing result puts him where he wants to be before the season finale in March – in the absolute battle for the championship. Orlowski has the best cards in his hands now and when he can keep up his current form, it is hard to imagine that anybody can beat him in Vienna.

After the start of A2, Orlowski was leading the race with Lucas Urbain and Adam Izsay following him in a couple of tenths. The Schumacher car of Orlowski was rock steady, and Michal made no single mistake until he crossed the finish line under the applause of the audience. Lucas Urbain was coming closer to Orlowski in the last lap of the race but Urbain was riding the curb at the entry of the left side chicane too much. His Awesomatix car crashed into the fence. This allowed Adam Izsay and Marc Rheinard going by. Rheinard overtook Izsay in the last chicane and finished second in A2 – what a move fromn the five time world champ. Adam Izsay, Simon Lauter, and Ronald Völker rounded out the top 5 while Urbain dropped back to P6. Michal Orlowski is the man of the season so far with winning all three races which he attended – congratulations!

Awesomatix ProStock

Bultynck wins big at the Sporthotel Grafenwald in Daun

Ollie Bultynck had everything under control in A2 of the Awesomatix Pro Stock class. Bultynck was leading until a small bubble in lap 10 allowed Izsay and Sparbier to close on him again. The top four drivers, Bultynck, Izsay, Sparbier, and Ellerbrock were driving around the track with identical gaps to each other – Pro Stock racing at its best. Another smal lmistake from Bultynck in the last minute of the race let the crowd react with fear, but Bultynck was able to cross the line in P1. He celebrated his second win of the season with his dad and his team mates once he came down the driver stand. The decision for the overall championship will be on the line in a couple of weeks at Arena Nova in Austria.

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Izsay wins his fourth race of the season

On the sound of the tone, Roman Borschel was immediatley hunting down TQ Adam Izsay. As in A1, the car of Roman Borschel looked a little quicker, but Izsay made no mistakes. Borschel clipped the board in lap 6 which gave Izsay some breathing room. Adam did not look back anymore and won the race like a real champion. After Borschel crashed, Phil Langner and Mark Valent moved up to P2 and P3 and had a very intense fight for second in this race. The top 5 finishing order in A2 was Adam Izsay, Phil Langner, Mark Valent, Gergö Valent, and Caspar Morgen.

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Overall victory for Xray`s Ehrbar

David Ehrbar sealed the deal in A2 of the 40+ Masters class. Ehrbar had another clean run on the black ETS carpet and only René Kölbel was able to match his pace. It was the first race for Ehrbar in teh 40+ Masters class and he took a well deserved win away from Daun. Kölbel finished second in A2, ahead of Ulrich Dinger, Andreas Myrberg, and Caspar Morgen.

Orca 21.5 Stock

Championship to be decided at RD6 in Austria as Langner wins RD5 in Daun

Phil Langner and Tristan Bergheim having a great season, fighting for the overall championship of the Orca 21.5 Stock class. After Phil Langner took the win here in A2 ahead of Bergheim, they are almost equal on points now and the championship will be decided at Arena Nova in Austria very soon. As in A1, Langner was putting his head down and drove a clean race on top of the field. The youngster crossed the line some three seconds ahead of Tristan Bergheim, Jan Gehrig, and Dominic Esseiva.

ToniSport Formula

Stiebler close to title defence after a very strong performance

A2 of the ToniSport Formula class saw Schumacher driver Andreas Stiebler converting his pole position into another win. Stiebler simply had the best pace on track and his overall victory here in Daun is more than deserved. The two Xray drivers Jan Ratheisky and David Ehrbar swapped positions two times during the race and it was Ratheisky taking second from Ehrbar, Kampehl, and Wojcik.