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Bergheim or Langner – who will become our first Orca 21.5 Stock ETS champion?

Amazing season from the two yougsters to be decided in Austria. Siebert to finish his season third overall!

Two young drivers made the show all season long in the Orca 21.5 Stock class – Tristan Bergheim and Phil Langner. The two Awesomatix drivers won two races each and Bergheim will bring a one point lead to the season finale in Wiener Neustadt. Langer was on a high as he won the last two races on carpet so it is really tough to pick a favourite here. Everybody is excited about the title decision and we are sure that both drivers will go for a clean and intense fight on track – good luck guys!

Tristan Bergheim – “I want to have fun at the season finale and next season I will move into a different class”

Tristan, we’re expecting a great showdown between you and Phil Langner in the last race of the season. With a win, the title is yours. How are you approaching the race?

I’m taking a relaxed approach to the final and trying to make the most of my opportunities!

Have you been practicing a lot recently or have you been taking it a little easier ahead of the grand finale?

I’ve been practicing since the ETS in Daun and have changed a few things. Apart from that, I’m trying to take a relaxed approach to the final and have fun in Austria.

Overall, you had a great season in the 21.5 Stock class. Will you stay in the class next season or will you race something else?

The season went well for me, I learnt a lot and I hope to finish successfully. I have other goals for next season and will not continue in this class!

Phil Langner – “My father invests so much time in me and I am very grateful to him for that”

You have improved enormously during the current season. Did you really expect to be in contention for the title at the last race?

Honestly, I didn’t expect it at the beginning. After Aigen I saw a chance to fight for a place on the podium, but I didn’t expect to be able to race for the title at all. But it is a really nice feeling and I enjoy it a lot!

You must be looking forward to the last race of the season and the exciting duel with Tristan. How have you prepared for it so far?

I’ve been training a lot with my dad, Manuel (Stankowitz), Totti (Baggendorf) and Nadine (Zühlke) over the last few weekends in Hasloh at the Megadrom, and we’ve also been to Braunschweig once at the MSC Polizei Braunschweig. I just try to do as many laps as possible 🙂

Who has helped you the most to become so fast?

Dad, through all the time he invests in the hobby with me. Manuel (Stankowitz) and Toni (Rheinard) with lots of tips and support. Another thing which is always pushing me are the battles with Totti for the fastest laptimes at the Megadrom in Hasloh!

Have you already thought about the new season and which class you would like to race in the future?

I would like to drive 17.5 Pro Stock but we haven’t finally discussed it. But no matter what, I’m looking forward to Vienna first and then to the new season. See you all at the season finale 🙂

Timo Siebert – “I never thought I could finish P3 in the overall season and I am very happy with it”

Timo, you had a strong season so far and you have alreads secured third place overall in the championship. What does it mean for you and have you expected that before the season?

If someone had told me before the ETS Apeldoorn that I would be in P3 at the end of the season, I would have laughed at them. I didn’t expect it because I’ve been doing the hobby so actively for 4 years now. I am very proud of my development, which would not have been possible without the Mugen team. The third place means a lot to me because I have been following the hobby through my father since I was a baby (my first word as a child was Yokomo). All the training and bothering other people with questions has payed off.

The 21.5 Stock class has now done a complete season. How are you rating this ETS racing class and will you race it again in Season #17?

I think the change from 17.5T to 21.5T was definitely the right decision. The battles in the finals have definitely increased and you can fight and drive better together, but it’s not too slow on big tracks and easier to drive for beginners. I’m going to ride 21.5T again next season and then I plan to step up into 17.5T 🙂

What does the Euro Touring Series in general mean for you and what makes you coming to the races again and again?

The atmosphere and the meeting of so many RC crazy people is what makes the ETS special for me. The fact that you can meet many people from the team in person and exchange ideas and can race and learn together with the elite of RC car drivers.
Since the ETS Daun 2020 was my second race ever, the ETS is very important to me. There is no racing series where I have driven more races than the ETS!