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Who will lift the 1up Racing 40+ Masters trophy

Thalheimer, Zierold, or Kölbel – the winner takes it all!

Michel Zierold, Mirco Thalheimer, and René Kölbel – these three drivers can still win the 40+ Masters championship ahead of ETS RD6. For every driver it`s the same: Who wins the race from TQ will be our champion – no matter what the others do. If somebody else will win, things can get more complicated (points wise) and Michel Zierlod will have the most comfortable situation. We quickly talked to all three drivers before the ETS season finale in Wiener Neustadt, AUT.

Michel Zierold – “I will be fully prepared for the final”

The title fight is super exciting in your class. You, Mirco Thalheimer and Renè Kölbel can become champion. How well prepared are you for the showdown?

Preparations are underway. Personally, I first needed a short break. A break like this is a good way to recharge your batteries. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be training so that I’m fully prepared for the final.

You’ve recently launched some pretty cool products on the market. What does it feel like when you suddenly find your ideas on other drivers’ pit tables?

Yes, Boom RC is already my little baby. It really makes my heart beat faster when I see my products on other people’s tables. I would really like to thank every single person who appreciates and buys my products. You can be sure that I haven’t finished yet.

If you become champion, how will you celebrate that night?

Becoming a champion is definitely a big goal that requires a lot of work and a bit of luck. When the time comes, I will spontaneously come up with something special. Even if it doesn’t work out, I have to say that I enjoy my time at events like this. They are memories that stay with me forever!

Mirco Thalheimer – “Even if carpet racing is not my biggest strength, I will do everything I can to be in the mix for the overall title”

Mirco, the season is coming to an end and you’ve managed to record your first race win at the ETS. You are also still fully in the fight for the 40+ Masters title. How would you describe your season?

The season got off to a very positive start in Apeldoorn. Unfortunately, bad racing luck prevented a better result. I had the perfect car in Aigen. Everything was just right, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to take the final TQ due to a wrong decision in the last heat. Starting from P2, I couldn’t find a way past Michel Zierold. He had a perfect race, even though I had the faster car.
Andernach was finally the first ETS victory. I had a perfect car again and was able to convert this into a TQ and race win, although I was extremely nervous in the last A final. Hann.Münden and Daun were very mixed with not so good results. I’m just not as strong on carpet as I am on tarmac. It’s going to be a very exciting final in Wiener Neustadt and I’m really looking forward to the race!

Your mission actually sounds quite simple 🙂 Pole position and victory, and you’re champion. How much would it mean to you to win the title and become Manuel Stankowitz’s successor?

Yes, it sounds simple. But it won’t be. My competitors are extremely strong on carpet and will do everything they can to realise this in the results. An ETS title is something very special, it would mean a lot to me to win this prestigious title. I will do everything I can to be in the mix for it!

You have been a regular at the ETS for many years. What is it that keeps you coming back to the races?

An ETS race is always something very special. Not only on the track, but also off the track. You get to meet lots of people who love this wonderful sport as much as you do. The many conversations, the shared enjoyment of the sport, these are the things that make an ETS so special. Even if things can get a bit rough in the Masters class, you can get on with each other normally again later on. And that’s exactly why I sacrifice most of my annual holiday to be at the start of the ETS races.

René Kölbel – “I owe a large part of this season`s results to my friend Patrick Gollner”

Renè, you drove your first touring car season in the ETS and still have the opportunity to win the championship title with a TQ and victory. What do you personally think about this great situation and your season?

I was persuaded by my mates to start racing touring cars again because I turned 40. The fact that I can still win the championship now is a confirmation of a great season for me, with a lot of work and commitment. Especially from my mate Patrick (Gollner), to whom I also owe a lot!

You won the first race of the season in Apeldoorn. How did you manage to be on pace so quickly?

As I said, after I was persuaded and then went on the track with Patrick for the first time with the Xray X4 I had a good feeling. But to get the first win in Apeldoorn was just MEGA and I would never have expected that. It was one of my best RC moments beside winning my first Formula race at the ETS.

Regardless of the outcome of this exciting title fight, will you be competing in these two classes again next season?

It’s just a lot of fun in the ETS racing series and I hope for a great season finale where I will give it my all again. I’m already planning to compete in both classes again next season yes!