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Marc Rheinard – “I aim for second overall in the championship as I don’t think Orlowski will crack under pressure”

He is a five time IFMAR world champion and he has won all big races around the globe during his carreer. We are talking about Marc Rheinard who is driving for Awesoamtix since a couple of seasons now. Marc recently finished third overall at the TITC in Bangkok and will go into the final round of the ETS with mixed feelings. The ETS campion of 2009/10 (!) needs kind of a miracle to snatch the title away from his friend and competitor Michal Orlowski at Arena Nova. Let`s find out what Rheinard had to say before the last event of Season #16.

Marc, you will arrive at the season finale as the points leader. But you know that you can only win the title with TQ and win and Orlowski only finishing 7th. How possible does that sound to you?

Like always I will try my best, but I am sure that it is impossible to beat Orlowski in the overall standings. Even if I am the points leader now, he will become the overall champion. For me it will be all about securing the vice-championship title. I will try to win the race in Wiener Neustadt and then we will see what we`ve got. As much as I wish, I can not imagine that Michal will crack under pressure!

You had been TQ in Apeldoorn and you won the race in Aigen. How would you sum up your season until know?

Yeah Apeldoorn started good but it was like a first hit in my face with being TQ and only finishing seventh in the end. With a win or at least a podium there, my season would have been much better. But anyway, I have a win and three third places so overall it is still a pretty good season I must say!

How was it to see your friend Atsushi Hara at the TITC again after quiet some time. Great to see him joining 33Graphix now?

It is always nice to see Hara as he is one of my closest RC race competitors from back in the days. When I saw him there we talked about all the great memories we have and especially about 2008. Even if the 2008 worlds didn`t go to his plans, he also said that this was the best race ever in RC to show our sport. It is always great to hang out with him and super cool that he will use our 33Graphix clothes and stickers from now on. I hope he will come over to the ETS next season!

You had been able to finish third on the podium at the TITC in Bangkok. For everybody who had never been there: What makes this race so difficult at all?

The TITC is always very special. At first, the temperatures are always super hot and the track changes almost every run. This makes setup changes not easy as you need to have a lot of experience in these conditions to always know what to do. The track is pretty bumpy and challenging and in the evening the cars start to traction roll (on asphalt) in the happy hour. It is very demanding but it is still a great race because you are in Bangkok and there are many cool things you can do beside racing. For example visiting some cool rooftop bars and enjoying some good food and drinks 🙂

The IFMAR worlds will happen later this year in the US where you won your very first title 20 years ago. Wouldn’t that be the perfect story, Marc?

Yes, that`s what I want. It`s been 20 years now since I won my first worlds and I really want to repeat this special moment. But it will be hard as there are many drivers able to win the race. I will try to be prepared as good as possible and I look forward to fight for the title at Finishline Raceway in Bakersfield (USA) in November!