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Michal Orlowski – “Without Scotty’s and Uwe’s ETS and EOS, I wouldn’t be where I am today”

Michal Orlowski has won the last four ETS races he took part in during the #15 and #16 seasons. The Schumacher driver is in the form of his life so far and only a “very bad” weekend in Wiener Neustadt could cost him the overall championship title in the Matrix Modified class. As it would be Orlowski`s very first ETS championship, all eyes wil be on him and his Schumacher touring car at Arena Nova!

Michal, you are in the best position to win your first ever ETS title. How much are you looking forward to the season finale in Austria at a new venue?

I can’t wait to arrive in Austria and battle it out for the championship with the drivers I have been watching dominate the Touring Car scene since I was 8 years old. It’s a dream come true to be in this position and I will enjoy every second of it.

All you need to secure the overall championship is a fifth place. This doesn’t sound difficult when we look onto your current results. Do you still feel some pressure or are you 100% confident to get the job done?

I will not be thinking about the minimum result I need to achieve to seal the championship. It’s just another race in my calendar and I’m going there to do the best I can on the given day.

You are a part of the ETS since the early stages of your career, even before you had been close to become a professional racer. What does the ETS mean for you and which place does it have in your mind?

I often say without Scotty’s and Uwe’s ETS and EOS, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge over the years racing at ETS and EOS. These were the races I was noticed at, by factory teams, which allowed me to get my first sponsorships when I was younger.

Your latest results have gained a lot of attraction for the Schumacher car you are running. When can customers expect the car to hit the market?

It has been an extremely refreshing experience to have a platform capable of winning races and I can’t wait for the customers to enjoy the new car very soon.

The IFMAR World Championship will take place in the US in November. You won your 1:12 scale worlds title in the US as well so it seems to be a good place for you. How will you prepare for this one and what do you expect from yourself?

I am planning to race Touring Car a lot this summer. We will travel over to California for a few testing sessions and learn as much as we can. We will continue, what we are doing at the moment with my onroad team and see, what we can achieve together in November!