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Inside the ETS & the road to Aigen

Awesomatix on top after RD1 in Apeldoorn

We have implemented the ETS constructors championship for Season #17, and today we like to show you the current point standings after our first...

5 things we learned from ETS RD1 Season #17 in Apeldoorn, NLD

The Euro Touring Series is rolling again and after a superb start into Season #17, we look back to the amazing time we had...

Registration opens for ETS RD2 in Aigen, AUT

Dear ETS Family, the registration for our second race of the ETS season #17 2024/25 will open on Tuesday, 11 June 2024. The ETS circus...

Touring Car News

MR33 range of oils and greases “made by 1up Racing”

In cooperation with ETS partner 1up Racing, MR33 will now offer the well-known oils and greases from Randy Caster`s brand under the MR33 flag.

RC MAKER GeoCarbon HD Weighted Tweak Wheel Set Pro 1:10 Onroad

RC Maker from Australia offers a new and updated version of their famous weighted tweak wheels for 1:10 Onroad appearances. As always at RC...

FlySky Noble NB4-Pro+ Radio System

Chinese radio manufacturer FlySky has released the successor of their well-known Noble Pro Radio called Noble NB4 Pro+. The radio will be available soon...


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World Champions Chat with Scotty Ernst @ ETS RD1 Season #17 2024/25 AMCA Apeldoorn, NLD

Scotty Ernst talked to 4 former ISTC IFMAR world champions and true ETS legends during the season opener #17 2024/25. Listen to the stories of Atsushi Hara, Marc Rheinard, Ronald Völker, and Jilles Groskamp!

ETS Championship Contenders Interview, RD5 Season #16 2023/24 Daun, GER

ETS Championship Contenders Interview, RD5 Season #16 2023/24 Daun, GER

ETS Pit Walk with Scotty Ernst, RD5 Season #16 2023/24 Daun, GER